About Comercial Química Sarasa

Comercial Química Sarasa S.L. (COQUISA) is the union of two companies with a long tradition in the production of natural tartaric acid: Productos Tartáricos Sarasa (SARASA) y Tartaricos y Derivados S.A. ( TYDSA).

In 1993 Mr. Alfonso Moreno Marían purchase SARASA and three years later, he expanded the company and purchase TYDSA, creating Comercial Química Sarasa S.L.

Currently is one of the largest producers of natural tartaric acid, with a significant production capacity across its two plants.

About Comercial Química Sarasa
Get to know us!
Get to know us

The continuous investigation and improvement of its facilities have placed Comercial Química Sarasa S.L. at the forefront of natural tartaric acid production.

It is supported by its human team and the quality of its products.

Comercial Química Sarasa S.L. always invests in continuous research and product quality, valuing innovation, its human team and the quality of its products.
Productos Tartáricos Sarasa SA (SARASA)

Belonged from the 1930´s until the 1990´s to the Sarasa´s family, its founder being Mr Manuel Sarasa Cantenys. The factory has been located in a small town near Girona, Sant Julià de Ramis since its inception, and it has facilities of 10,000 m2. Sarasa has been producing one of the best and most artisanal natural tartaric acids on the market since its early days.

Tartáricos y Derivados S.A. (TYDSA)

It was founded in 1977 as an offspring of chemical group “Energía e Industrias Aragonesas S.A.” The plant can be found in Fuentidueña de Tajo, a village near Madrid, on an estate of approximately 100,000 m2. In 1992, it became part of the URALITA group and later joined Comercial Química Sarasa S.L.